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1.put down 放下 shut down 把…关上cut down砍掉come down下来、落下slow down 减缓、放慢sit down坐下write down写下get down下来,降落

  2.after all毕竟。终究after that于是。然后day after day日复一日地one after another相继。挨次soon after不久以后the day after tomorrow后天

  3.come up with找到、提出catch up with赶上wake up弄醒、醒来send up发射open up开设、开办grow up长大pick up拾起、捡起hands up举手eat up吃光clean up打扫干净give up doing sth。=stop doing sth。放弃做某事

  4.arrive at/in + n。到达get to +n。到达reach + n。到达arrive / get +adv。到达

  5.get…back退还,送回去。取回give back归还come back回来at the back of在…的后面on the way (back)home在回家路上

  6.at least至少at breakfast早餐时at desk在桌前at once立刻,马上at school在上学at the same time同时at work在工作be good at=do well in 善长laugh at嘲笑not…at all一点也不at first起初at night在晚上at noon中午。at the age of // when sb。 was…years old 在…岁时at last / in the end / finally 最后、终于。at the beginning of the twenty-first century在21世纪初,at the end of 在…终点、结尾at the moment // now现在at the foot of在…脚下at Christmas在圣诞节at any moment任何时候at times(sometimes)有时,偶尔at the doctor’s在医务室be bad at不善长

  7.for example例如for ever永远be good for对…有益be bad for对…有害for long=for a long time长期for short 简称be short for是…的简称TV is short for “television”

  8.come true实现come down下来come from=be from来自,出生于come in/into进入,进来come on赶快come over过来come along走吧,过来,快点,come and go来来去去come up上来come out出来,(花)开,(照片)冲洗出来

  9.even though=even if即使、虽然、尽管

  10.be pleased with对…感到满意be covered with被…覆盖be expected to do sth。被期望做某事be proud of 以…自豪speak highly of 称赞be afraid of害怕hear of听说(hear from sb。收到某人的来信)of cause=certainly当然可以plenty of= a lot of许多

  11.by the way顺便说by oneself单独,独自by the end of到…为至by the time(引起时间状语从句)到…的时候one by one依次by air / plane乘飞机by bus / train / car乘公共汽车/火车/轿车(catch a bus赶公交车get on / off the bus上/下车take a bus to…=go to …by bus乘车去)

  12.do / try one’s best尽力do one’s homework做家庭作业do (the/some) shopping购物do the cooking烹饪do some cleaning打扫do the / some washing洗衣服do sport做运动do with sb / sth。处理well done干得好(From:www.rr365.com)

  13.early in the morning一大早in the early spring初春in my early days我幼年时期early bus早班车

  14.make a contribution to贡献给、捐献make a telephone call to sb。 // ring sb。 up // give sb。 a call // phone sb。给某人打电话connect…to…把…与…连接起来be close to靠近(某地) give birth to生(孩子) lose to sb输给sb 。

  15.either…or…或者…或者。。on either side of the street街道任何一边(on each side of the street街道每一边on both sides of the street街道两边)

  16.keep doing sth。不停地做某事(表示状态继续)keep on doing sth。 坚持做某事(表示动作反复进行)practise doing sth。练习做某事enjoy doing sth。喜欢做某事finish doing sth。做完某事go on doing sth。继续做某事(同一件事)

  17.go on to do sth。接着做某事(另一事) go straight along 沿着…一直往前走, go down下降, go for a walk散步, go over复习, go shopping买东西, go to the cinema去看电影, go well进展顺利, go off to动身前往, go out外出 , go to work去上班, go up上升, want a go 想试一试

  18.think about考虑 (think of 认为、想起、考虑、想到 think over仔细考虑 think out想出)talk about谈论, worry about担心, How / What about…?…怎么样?

  19.borrow…from …从…借…。(lend…to…把…借给…)from door to door挨家挨户 , from time to time时时, from now on 从今以后 , from then on 从那以后, be different from与…不同 , learn…from…向…学习

  20.get dressed穿衣 , get into进入, get / be lost丢失, get off / on下/上车 , get on well with sb。与某人相处得好, get out of从…出来 , get ready for +n。为…做准备, get ready to do sth。准备做某事, get / go to sleep (fall asleep)入睡 , (be asleep睡着) get warm 变暧 , get well康复, get a chance 有机会、得到机会

  21.look for 寻找 , wait for等候 , look after=take care of照看, look like看起来像 , look over检查,复习 , look out小心,从里向外看 , look the same看起来一样, look up向上看,查单词 , look around环视look forward to期望 , look through温习,检查

  22.set off 出发、动身, put off 推迟 , keep off 避开、不靠近… drop off放下(某物),turn off关 , jump off跳离 , take off脱(衣),(飞机)起飞 (From:www.rr365.com)

  23.half a kilo半千克 , half an hour半小时 , in half分成两半, half of the day半天

  24.do eye exercises做眼保健操 , do morning exercises做早操take (more) exercise (多)参加体育锻炼, an exercise book练习本

  25.take part in参加 , hand in上交 , in hospital住院, in surprise吃惊地 , in the sun在阳光下, in trouble处于困境, in a minute / moment马上

  26.leave for…动身去某地

  27 feed on 以…为主食 , live on继续活着 , base on以…为根据 , carry on坚持、继续下去 , and so on 等等 , on the other hand另一方面 , on foot步行 28.be famous for以。。著名 , be excited about +n。/V-ing对…感到兴奋 , be interested in 对…感兴趣 , be born出生, be busy with sth。— be busy doing sth。忙于…be amazed at 对。。感到惊讶

  29.move away移开 , move to(搬)移到

  30.search the Internet上网

  31.make sure 确信 , make a dialogue编对话 , make a mistake犯错误 (by mistake由于疏忽) make a noise吵闹 , make faces做鬼脸 , make friends (with)和。。交朋友 , make room for给。。让地方, make tea沏茶, make money赚钱, make a decision作出决定

  32.used to do sth过去常常做某事, be used to doing sth。习惯于做某事

  33.leave sth+介词短语 “把……忘记在某处”

  34.forget to do sth。忘记做某事 , encourage sb。 to do sth。鼓励某人做某事, decide to do sth。决定做某事 , allow sb。 to do sth。允许某人做某事

  35.hear sb。 to do (doing)sth。听见某人做某事

  36.help sb。 (to) do sth 。//help sb。 with sth。 帮助某人做某事 , with one’s help在某人的帮助下 , with pleasure乐意

  37.the summer holiday(s)暑假 the winter holiday(s)寒假

  38.step into走进 , pour into倒入…

  39.in the first第一 , for the first time第一次, at first起初 , a firs t language母语 , first of all首先

  40.leave a message for sb。给某人留条, give / take sb。 a message给某人捎口信想学习更多英语知识,请关注口袋英语aikoudaiyy

  41.take photos / pictures 照像 , take away拿走 , take out取出(work out算出) take care当心 , take medicine 服药 take one’s temperature量体温, take one’s time别着急 , take a walk散步 , take place发生

  42.learn by oneself / teach oneself自学 , learn by heart背熟

  43.a year and a half (one and a half years ) 一年半

  44.have a try尝试,努力 , try out尝试、试验 , find out / about找出,查明, have a good / wonderful / great / time玩得开心, have a (bad) cold(重)感冒, have a meeting / walk / watch开会/散步/比赛 , have sports进行体育活动 , have nothing / sth。 to do with与。。无(有)关, have no idea不知道 , have (one’s) medicine服药

  45.offer sb sth。给某人提供某物

  46.win first prize获一等奖

  47.all over the world= around the world =throughout the world全世界

  48.all kinds of 各种各样的

  49.neither… nor 既不…也不…

  50.not only … but also …不但…而且 , both… and ……和…都

  51.the more , the better 越多越好

  52.all one’s life 一生

  53.as soon as 一…就… as soon as possible尽可能早地、尽快as well = too也, as much as至多, as little as至少 , regard …as 把…当作… , as if 好像

  54.no matter 无论…

  55.ever since 从那以后,此后一直